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Internal Window Cleaning

Our Internal Window Cleaning in Romford Compliments Our House Cleaning

internal window cleaning romford sunny rain cleaners

To complement our house cleaning in Romford, we provide an internal window cleaning service so that each room is made as clean as can be.
Not everyone wants people to look in through their windows but we do like to see out of them and our internal window cleaning will make your windows the cleanest in your street.

We offer the internal window cleaning as an option for you and is included in our standard house cleaning prices but please be aware that internal window cleaning takes some time. It’s not like having your external windows cleaned.

Internal window cleaning is somewhat more time consuming especially when there is furniture around or near the windows, curtains and/or nets to remove, and then put back, and carpets.
Extra care must be taken when carrying out internal window cleaning to reduce water spread over window sills, down walls and on furnishings.

So, if you require internal windows cleaning, we will carry this out at your request which is normally scheduled at a period to suit you. On average, internal window cleaning takes around two hours but this does depend on the amount of glass to clean and the obstacles, as mentioned above, and the care to not cause any damage to them.
To arrange internal window cleaning, either inform us when booking or just ask your house cleaner when you feel they should be cleaned.
Most of our customers schedule their internal window cleaning with us for every three months but you can choose a period to suit you if you want them cleaned.

We can also carry out internal window cleaning without you having to use our house cleaning service in Romford. Just book us in for the internal window clean and we will estimate the time it would take us to clean once we have had a look inside your property.

We can even be booked to regularly provide you with the internal window cleaning.

Please note we charge a minimum of two hours for our internal window cleaning service.

History of Our Window Cleaning

When it comes to polishing windows, we have over six years’ experience. Before house cleaning, we provided a traditional window cleaning service with ladders and uniformed staff who cleaned windows to our high standards.
When we carried out external window cleaning, we also cleaned the whole window frame leaving windows cleaner for longer. Our customers valued the cleaning service we provided as we lifted the dirt and lifted the standards for window cleaning in Romford.

internal window cleaning romford
internal window cleaning romford sunny rain cleaners