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Domestic Cleaning Services - House Cleaning Prices

Our House Cleaning Rates Are Simple

When it comes to a domestic cleaning service and having someone else clean your house, we know that you look for reassurance that you can not only trust who you let into your home but also do not want to be bound by a contract or extra costs. It's your home and we never forget that, ensuring you have complete command of our house cleaning service to you.

Sunny Rain HouseKeepers are here for the client and always have been. That's why we have simple house cleaning prices and terms what are easy to find and understand, helping you make up your mind on what domestic cleaning service provider to choose.

No Contracts, No Ties, No Hidden Costs

The biggest commitment of our domestic cleaning service requires that you agree to a chargeable minimum of two hours per domestic cleaner per visit booked. We do not tie you to any domestic cleaning services contract or have any hidden house cleaning prices, which means our domestic cleaning service can be cancelled without penalty at any time, all we ask is for you to provide at least 48 hours notice, of the house cleaning commencing. We also have no management or booking fees and offer face-to-face consultations.

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Contact Us for Further Information

We want your choice for a domestic cleaning service to be us, so apart from the exceptional service and customer care we provide, we are as clear and as open as possible when it comes to our house cleaning prices. See our terms of service for full details.

If there is something you feel we have missed about our house cleaning prices, please do not hessitate to get in touch with us for a chat.

Affordable House Cleaning Prices Try Us For Only £14.60 per hour

Our standard rate

Our hourly rate for a residential domestic cleaning service starts from only £12.00 per hour. We have no hidden fees (including not hiding any VAT), no contracts to keep you paying if you cancel any cleans and no service or agency charge on top of what we say our price is. Try our domestic cleaning service and see how we compare to our competitors. All our staff are directly employed by Sunny Rain giving you peace of mind that your house cleaning service will continue on a managed regular and reliable basis.

Our domestic cleaning service price will only ever be higher if you use our domestic cleaning services less regular or outside of our standard office hours of 9 am - 5 pm, and on certain days like Christmas or New Year's Day.

We do have a lower hourly rate for regular house cleaning of six hours or more per week

£12.00 per hour per housekeeper between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. The lower rate for more frequent than weekly cleans. Two hours minimum charge per housekeeper with a minimum usage of six hours per week. See our Terms of Service for further information.

Spring cleans and a less regular schedule

We charge these residential domestic cleaning services from £14.60 per hour depending on the time and day of cleaning. Please get in touch to discuss these types of home cleaning requirements.

Our rate for unsociable hours

Domestic cleaning services during early mornings and evenings (before 9 am and after 5 pm) and weekends are charged starting from £18.00 per hour.

Residential domestic cleaning on public holidays* is also charged from £18.00 per hour if you are not a regular client.

It's Up to You

You decide on the number of house cleaners you require. Most of our clients request just one house cleaner per visit carrying out 2 hours of house cleaning on a regular weekly basis. The time spent cleaning and organising by our domestic cleaning HouseKeepers is entirely up to you. We leave you in charge of the domestic cleaner and the tasks the house cleaner is to carry out, allowing our domestic cleaning service to be tailored to your requirements as and when needed.

*Excluding certain days as mentioned above which are subject to a higher charge. See our terms of service for full details of all our residential cleaning costs.