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Taking the hassle out of housekeeping

By: Blogger @ Sunny Rain | February 28, 2017

Due to the planned minimum wage increase coming in April 2017, we will be raising our prices.


We take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Sunny Rain HouseKeepers to provide you with a house cleaning service which we believe is superior to any of our competitors.

We are different in many ways such as directly employing all staff, ensuring a uniformed and quality domestic cleaning service and we are not limited to only house cleaning. We carryout additional tasks for many clients such as organising, washing laundry, ironing, changing beds and many other duties as requested. There really isn’t much we won’t do for you!

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Let us assure you that the house cleaning price increase has nothing to do with raising our profit marg...

By: Blogger @ Sunny Rain | December 16, 2016

Sunny Rain HouseKeepers Love House Cleaning

We love cleaning your home
How our Happy Cloud has grown

We clean away the dust and dirt
Wearing proud our royal blue shirt

Arrive home to see the shine from the door
Not wanting to walk on your shiny floor

Once again can’t believe your Romford home is so clean
But you know Sunny Rain HouseKeepers have been

It is what your home deserves, this
That’s why we provide the service

By: Blogger @ Sunny Rain | August 10, 2016

Domestic House Cleaners in Demand


It’s been a very busy and tough couple of weeks here at Sunny Rain HouseKeepers. Our Romford cleaners have been very busy meeting demand for domestic house cleaning.

From our regular Clients to the planned and short notice one-off cleans, it’s been full steam ahead.

Now I’m not grumbling here. We love that our domestic house cleaners are in demand. It’s this cleaning demand that is growing our brand and our client base. But cleaning is not the only process that is managed. There are a whole host of plans, policies, systems and procedures to not only keep track of but to also ensure they are updated and running smoothly. Without all of this, our Romford cleaners wouldn’t be so sought after.

Domestic cleaning is ...

By: Blogger @ Sunny Rain | August 07, 2016

One off cleaning is also popular for those selling their homes and those moving into a new house.


Here at Sunny Rain Housekeepers, we carry out many a one off clean. One off house cleaning is mainly used by those looking to ensure the deposit they put down when they rented their home is returned to them without any quibbles. 

It is also widely used by property sellers ensuring their home is clean when potential buyers visit and also booking a one off clean before they vacate the property leaving it clean and ready for the new home owners.

Many types of people in various types of properties book one off house cleaning and for very different reasons. Some just use one off house cleaners to give their home a good freshen up once or twice a year w...

By: Blogger @ Sunny Rain | July 25, 2016


Sunny Rain HouseKeepers are professional cleaners in Romford.

If you’re searching for a cleaning lady in Romford then get in touch with us.

Our staff are not only directly employed by us, they are fully insured and always in uniform. Our cleaning lady’s in Romford (and men) are trained to the Sunny Rain premier standards to ensure you get the house clean and the service we promise.

If you book in regular with us, we will assign one of our professional cleaners to serve you under our management and following our rules which ensures that if you ever have a problem with cleaning quality, we are here for you and will rectify it in a timely manner.

Saying that, we do aim to avoid any issues that may arise and this is achievable by our strict standar...