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Our After Party Cleaning in Romford Takes Care of the Mess For You

Thinking of Throwing a Party but Don’t Want the After Party Cleaning?  Sunny Rain HouseKeepers are Here to Help Clean up After Your Party.

Partying is fun but the mess after isn’t, that’s why we can do all the after party cleaning for you.
Our after party cleaning in Romford can include what you require. Most after party cleans start off with cleaning up and sorting out the rubbish to get organised. We supply our own black sacks and would clean up bottles, party plates, food wrappers, party poppers etc. All of the washing up will be put by the sink if required so it’s all organized and ready to be cleaned.

After everything is off the floor, the after party cleaning is ready to get underway. Our after party cleaners in Romford will go around hoovering and/or mopping, so all the little bits you can’t get with your hands or a brush would be removed like mud particles and dust etc. And at Sunny Rain HouseKeepers, our after party cleaners hoover before dusting. This is because the hoover creates dust, so dusting before would be useless as once it’s all done, the dust would settle faster and your home would look like it needed to be dusted again. 

Our after party cleaners also clean one room at a time, so after all the above is done, we would start to clean in the main room and work our way back to the kitchen and then toilet last.
Our cleaners dust, starting from the top to bottom. This is so the dust will fall on to your things that already need dusting rather than on freshly dusted items and surfaces. A good clean of the tables and other surfaces such as window sills and kitchen worktops is usually needed when we do after party cleaning.

In the kitchen our cleaners would give a good scrub of the outside cupboards and work tops too. We will wash up, dry up, put away if needed and even supplying our own washing up liquid. Once the kitchen is all organized and clean the floor will be mopped.
Once our cleaners have finished cleaning the downstairs, your home will look like you never had a party the night before. 

If you require, our after party cleaners can clean upstairs too, even if no partying happened there.
Lastly as mentioned, our cleaners will clean the bathroom and toilets. This is so no germs spread through your home and avoids any cross contamination to other rooms.
As lots of people probably used your toilet at the party, our cleaners would give it a really good scrub outside and in!

Sunny Rain HouseKeepers after party cleaners will leave your bathroom sparkling. Once all the house cleaning is done we would clean your mop which we used, making sure no water is left inside the bucket and we can also empty your hoover before and after we start if requested.

Our after party cleaners can also tidy up your garden. So if your party went outside, we would clean there too. This can include picking up of rubbish, cleaning garden table and chairs and even folding them and putting them away. 

So if it’s your birthday or a special occasion or you just want to throw a party, let us do your after party cleaning in Romford for you. This way you rest your head the day after without running around worrying about getting everything clean.
Just let Sunny Rain HouseKeepers know what you require and our after party cleaners will take care of your after party cleaning, leaving you to make better memories in life.