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Romford Domestic Oven Cleaning

Our Domestic Oven Cleaning in Romford will not only return the inside of your Oven and the shelves to looking like new, it will also improve the safety of your oven if you have a large grease and fatty deposit build-up around elements or pilots. Did you know that the grease and grime build up on your oven could potentially be a fire risk?

oven cleaning in romford by sunny rain housekeepers

Upon inspection, initially your oven may look reasonably clean but once our Romford oven cleaner applies the oven cleaning solution, you’ll soon see just how much grease and grime really lurks inside.

Once our cleaner starts cleaning your oven, all the grease, grime and food deposits will soon start to be cleaned away and within a few hours at most, your oven will be sparkling once more.

If you choose the oven cleaning service we provide, you could potentially save money, as in most cases we can get your oven clean and two racks, within our minimum price for oven cleaning.

Your regular Sunny Rain house cleaner is not normally able to clean your oven for youbut she or he will arrange to get your oven cleaned by one of our oven cleaners and at a time convenient for you.

We charge a minimum price for oven cleaning and the first clean is always the worst, so book in regular to keep your oven clean, sparkling and safer.

We recommend having your oven cleaned at least once every three months to help keep it clean but does depend on how much the oven is used and how you like to keep it.

Please note: The average times it takes our Sunny Rain oven cleaner in Romford to clean an oven depends on the size and condition of the oven but usually can be done within three hours and the final result within this time also depends on the condition and amount of baked on deposits.

The basic service is for the inside of the oven, the oven door and two oven shelves. We can do more than this but obviously it will take longer and cost more.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation so we can inspect your oven and provide you with an estimate or get booked in now and one of our oven cleaners will soon have your oven looking almost new again..

Minimum price of £60.00 for Sunny Rain Romford oven cleaning. Booking deposit of £60 required to secure your slot.

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Oven before clean


Oven glass before clean


Oven racks before clean


Oven, Racks and glass after clean